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Pomeranian Laser Processing Center KAPEO Laser Sp. z o.o. was founded on 07.01.2013 year. The main activity is the laser metal cutting service The main activity profile of the company is laser cutting of steel and metals. The machine Park consists of modern laser cutters with a power of 6000 and 8000 W. As well as other machining machines such as Press Brakes, Band saws, Drills, Tapping Machines, Welding machine and welder. Our engineering staff has got many years of experience in the metallurgical industry.

Fully automated machinery allows us to prepare full order range, both small prototype and large series production. As a fully functional enterprise we also provide design services of finished products, from customers’ concept through comprehensive performance of the product to delivery of the finished product to the customer.

We have got our own fleet of transport vehicles to ensure you of timely delivery. To reduce order realization time we carry material warehouse with a wide range of sheet metal of different thickness and species.
Pomeranian Laser Processing Center KAPEO Laser Sp. z o.o. believe that the customer satisfaction is the key to dynamic development. According to that we decide to work strictly with the requirements of the international quality management standard EN – ISO 9001-2015. High level skills of top management, excellent manual skills of production workers and outstanding interpersonal skills and technical expertise of our Engineers puts us in first place among companies providing metalworking service

We follow a strict policy of confidentiality between ourselves and our clients and operate under NDAs when required.

About us

Pomeranian Laser Processing Center KAPEO Laser Sp. z o.o. was founded on 07.01.2013 year in Gdańsk. The main activity profile of the company is widely understood thermoplastic machining including mainly laser cutting as well as welding, bending and powder coating in the composition, which includes preparatory processes such as blasting and machining Chemical

We create a KAPEO Group, which is among the leaders in the field of business in the national and European markets. Our comprehensive offer consists of: Metal processing services including: laser cutting of steel, stainless, aluminium, coated with both zinc and other anti-corrosion coatings. We provide CNC bending services, cutting on tape cutters, drilling, rifling, chamfering, electro welding and welding with MIG/MAG and TIG methods.

For nearly 15 years as a KAPEO Group we provide products and services. The company's portfolio comprises thousands of projects made for both Polish and foreign audiences. We combine the experience gained with innovation, creating new solutions to the challenges of the modern manufacturer and service provider.

We also offer our products to interested customers. The main one is the universal anti-fire box. Other products in the anti-fire industry are: ground fire-fighting tanks and tanks for other liquid media as well as sprinkler systems and fire pumping stations.

The company conducts technical consultancy and provides 2D and 3D design services. We accept orders for the execution of differentiated orders, both small prototypes and large production batches.
Our engineering staff has many years of experience in the metallurgical industry, both in terms of technical consultancy and realization. We employ 20 employees in the company KAPEO Laser Sp. z o.o., while the entire KAPEO Group employs more than 150 employees.

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