Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Machining materials using the thermal method is now one of the most effective ways to achieve the desired shape. Our Gdansk Laser Cutting department offers machining of construction steels, stainless steels and non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, copper, brass or bronze.

We also offer the service of cutting sections, brackets and perforation of profiles. The machining is performed with precision complying with DIN ISO 2768. Our technology team has all the competences, knowledge and skills to ensure that our services meet the customer's requirements. Laser cutting in the company is carried out on high class fiber cutting machines, processing materials according to the following parameters:

  • construction steel – 25 mm
  • stainless steel – 35 mm
  • aluminum – 25 mm
  • bras – 10 mm
  • copper – 10 mm
  • bronze – 10 mm

The maximum size of the processed sheet takes 1500×3000 mm.

Our clients are mainly manufacturing companies in the mechanical, furniture (fittings), shipbuilding, automotive, railway and agricultural machinery manufacturers, steel constructions, heat exchangers, air conditioning and furniture medical devices, etc.


  • 8 kW Laser Heads
  • Fast lead times
  • Clean and aesthetically packaged items
  • Clean and deburring edges
  • High dimensional tolerances
  • Ability to cut complex shapes
  • Cutting small Parts
  • Cutting dense perforations
  • Cutting holes in smaller diameters than material thickness
  • Engraving of elements
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