Powder Coating

Powder Coating

To meet the ever-growing expectations of our customers, in June 2016 we launched a powder coating plant that meets the standards of the 21st century. This allowed for even faster implementation of services and quality assurance of products at the highest level. Powder painting of elements by the method of polymer paint technology is currently one of the best methods in the world to protect metal elements against corrosion, atmospheric and chemical conditions.

Due to the even distribution of the paint on the surface under the influence of electrostatic attraction and polymerization process at high temperature, the obtained coatings are characterized by high quality both in technical and visual terms. 

Unlike traditional painting with solvent paints, the coatings obtained in the powder technology are smooth (or evenly structured), without cracks, streaks or bubbles in the varnish layer. 
The perfect varnish surface and durability of the coating mean that this technology is widely used for painting steel, galvanized steel and aluminum (including structural elements, mechanical, electrical, decorative, installation and sanitary devices). 

The most important advantages of powder technology:

  • perfect varnish coating in both the mat and the flash 
  • large selection of colors 
  • very good resistance to weathering and chemical conditions
  • increased mechanical resistance
  • technology safe for people and the environment 
  • even coating even on very irregular shapes (grids, sculptures, automotive or decorative parts) 
  • short painting and fixing time 
  • full color repeatability.

The technological process includes: 

  • washing and degreasing with simultaneous phosphating
  • pre-rinsing with tap water
  • basic rinsing with demineralized water 
  • passivation with the process of applying a layer guaranteeing corrosion resistance and adhesion of powder paint
  • final rinsing with demineralized water 
  • desiccation 
  • cooling
  • electrostatic painting
  • polymerization process
  • cooling the element 

In order to ensure the effectiveness of chemical treatment, we carry out daily inspections of individual baths, checking conductivity and PH. The chemical treatment we use guarantees corrosion protection and adhesion of powder paint on steel, galvanized and aluminum elements.
We carry out both wholesale and retail orders

Due to the multitude of factors (type of surface, shape, surface treatment, size of the series) the valuation of painting is always determined individually.


Maximum dimensions of painted elements:

  • L. 7200 x Height 2200 x Width 1200 mm.

Powder coating is a process in which dry, well-ground pigment and resin particles are electrostatically loaded and sputted on electrically grounded objects. The charged and sputted powder adheres to the surface of the workpiece until it is melted into a homogeneous coating in the furnace, resulting in a high temperature action. Powder coatings do not contain thinners, making them environmentally safe. Powder coatings Protect the metal surface from scratches, corrosion, abrasion, as well as against chemicals and detergents. They improve the performance of the coating process, helping to meet environmental protection requirements.

The durability and quality of the paint coating are periodically tested in the salt spray chamber. Thanks to the applied control of chemical process parameters and physical and mechanical tests, the resulting coatings meet the applicable standards.

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