The ultimate goal of KAPEO Laser Sp. z o.o. is continuous improvement of the company, development of offered products and services and technical consultancy in the field of laser cutting, bending, welding, painting and widely understandable logistics.

The management board of KAPEO Laser Sp. Z o. o. . undertakes to:

  1. Fully in accordance with the applicable rules and requirements for:
    • Provision of services
    • Trade
    • Technical advice
    • Environment
  2. Improvement of organisational, production and logistics activities to improve the impact of both the services offered and products
  3. Constant and systematic improvement of the level of professional knowledge and skills of workers
  4. Continuous monitoring of customer satisfaction levels and activities aimed at continually raising customer satisfaction levels
  5. Taking into account the environmental care of all decisions and actions taken in the 
  6. Continuous improvement and efficiency of the implemented integrated Quality Management system

Grupa Kapeo

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