Deburring, dulling, edge rounding, removal of oxides

Deburring, dulling, edge rounding, removal of oxides

Pomeranian Laser Processing Center KAPEO Laser offers its clients abrasive machining services Based on a modern sheet metal machine from the German company LOEWER, we offer services:

  • removing oxides from side edges after laser cutting,
  • deburring of details cut from alloy steel, stainless steel and aluminum,
  • deburring of elements after punching,
  • removal of flashes after gas cutting
  • rounding the edges of the sheets after cutting, with a radius of 0.1 - 1 mm,
  • preparation of the material for painting, welding, galvanizing.
  • Blunting the edges of elements covered with protective foil without damaging the foil,
  • scale removal,
  • blunting the edges in small holes even from 5mm diameter,
  • machining of small 20x20 mm rectangular and round elements,
  • machining of three-dimensional elements,

The range of material thicknesses is from 0.5mm to 150mm, the maximum width of workpieces cannot exceed 1000mm while the length of the elements is unlimited due to the throughput of the deburring machine.
KAPEO Laser Sp. z o.o. equipped with a deburring machine in the so-called wet dust extraction, so we have no restrictions on the types of materials processed. We have abrasive equipment for machining both structural steel as well as stainless steel and aluminum.

At the time of ordering, the customer specifies which machining process is appropriate for his details. Whether it's deburring, dulling, rounding or smoothing edges.
We also offer a threading process for the surface treatment process using an electric threading arm. We make internal threads in the range from M2 to M24.

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