Our welding machine is equipped with professional welding stations. Bonding materials are made using MIG/MAG and TIG methods. We provide bonding services for structural steels, stainless steels, aluminium and cut-off elements made of galvanized sheets.

Our department is equipped with five semi-automatic machine from LORCH. They have excellent technical characteristics and allow welding of stainless steel and aluminum in many different positions. They are equipped with a multifunctional panel that allows us to robotize the activities carried out, thus obtaining a fuller and more precise effect when creating welds.

We offer welding services including the machining of both flat elements and pipes subjected to tightness tests. Our specialists have the necessary powers and many years of experience, which pays off the high quality of the joints performed. They fully rely on the possibilities of methods used that are versatile enough to allow the creation of joints even between very thin sheets.

The cost of the service is calculated separately for each customer individually, depending on its expectations. Our welders have powers issued by the Institute of Welding in Gliwice. The current powers include:

  • Arc welding with powder wire in an active gas shield IS-P / T-FW-1-136 
  • Welding with a metal electrode in an active gas shield JS-P / T-FW-FM1-135
  • Welding with a metal electrode in an active gas shield JS-P / T-FW-FM5-135 
  • Welding with an inert gas metal electrode JS-P / T-FW-21 / 22-131 
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